Spider Infestation

As much as spider experts tell us that most spiders around us are harmless, nobody is comfortable seeing one spider around their home, let alone a spider infestation. Research on spiders has proven that they eat some more dangerous insects around us. But truth be told, most of us would rather deal with the other insects than with spiders.

What Causes Spider Infestations

  • If you have recently brought plants into your house, the spiders may have come in with them. You may not have plants in your home but a close neighbor may have some, the spiders may be finding their way into your home from the neighbors.
  • Most people’s complaints about a spider infestation come during the rainy season. The reason for this is that during the rains, the spiders that were comfortable living outdoors will seek shelter indoors, which in this case is your home.
  • Spiders may come into your home as a result of what may be referred to as secondary reasons. If you leave food droppings on surfaces, insects will come in search of this food. Spiders, which feed on these insects, will then follow them into your home.
  • Piled up and untidy outdoors may be good habitation for spiders. These spiders may want to explore further and find their way into the house.

spider infestationWhere Spider Infestations Occur

In the home, a spider infestation is most likely to occur in warm, dark places. These may be in corners, air vents and wall cracks. If you have a basement, attic or a cellar in your home, these areas are great hideouts for spiders. Beside insects for food, spiders will also need water and you will therefore find them in the washrooms, kitchen or bathrooms, looking for a drink. Dark closets, especially those that are rarely used, will encourage a spider infestation. Your car is also a favorite place for spiders. These may have crawled in from your outdoors, the garage or bushes near the packing. You may also have left your car at the mechanic’s, where there is a spider infestation. If there are spiders in your car, they are most likely to be found in the hood or under the floor mats.

Treating and Preventing Spider Infestations

In order to control a spider infestation in your home or car, following these simple instructions will help.

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  • Vacuum the floors and furnishings regularly. Get into the habit of vacuuming behind and under furniture, mopping ceilings and walls to remove webs and spider eggs.
  • Avoid pile ups of books, clothes, toys and shoes in the house as spiders will hide in there.
  • Sprinkle boric acid powder in areas where spiders are likely to hide. The spiders will ingest it and die.
  • If you have to store stuff that is rarely used, avoid using open cartons. Instead, use plastic containers with tight fitting covers.
  • Fill in wall cracks and gaps that may be good places for spiders to lay their eggs and build webs. Air vents should be sealed off using hardware mesh.
  • Keep your home clean of food droppings and crumbs that may attract insects, which in turn attract spiders.
  • As you clean the inside of your home, also clean the outside and remove any pile ups that are close to the house. Spiders that are in dirty outdoors will eventually find their way to a clean house.
  • If the spider infestation is getting out of hand, you may consider calling in a professional pest control company to eliminate the spiders and to control further infestations.

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