Spiders In Swimming Pools

Homeowners who own swimming pools are probably familiar with the dead spiders that can end up in them.  It can be a little disgusting and a real hassle to be constantly cleaning out the pool to remove these spiders. Knowing a little about these spiders can help control them and keep them out of your pools.

What Spider Is It?

The most common spider you will find in or near your pool is known as the fishing spider (Dolomedes). You will often find them around lakes, ponds, and pools. They have lots of short hairs on their legs that are used for water tension. These spiders like to hang out at the edges of water to catch insects or small fish that go by. Unfortunately, they do not know that pools are not good locations to catch prey, and they end up dying.

How They End Up in Pools

While the fishing spider is known for living in and around water, they will usually end up dead in pools. The spiders can walk across the top of water for a while, by covering itself in a coating of air bubbles. This will not save them from swimming pools though. Once they get into a pool, they usually cannot escape. The sides of the pool wall are too steep, and they cannot climb out. This is especially true if the pool cover is on when spiders get in the water. There is little hope for them then. The chlorine in pools also plays a role in killing them quickly.

How To Keep Them Out of Pools

There are a couple different things you can do to try to keep these spiders out of your pool. Always make sure you have the cover over your pool when you are not using it. This will make it harder for the spiders to reach the water. It will also keep insects out that might attract the spiders. This will not always work, and some spiders will inevitably get in. Another thing you can do is make use of spider repellent and ultrasonic repellers around your pool. These products are designed to repel spiders away from the area. You also make your own natural spider repellent with citrus or mint oil. These essential oils have long been used as a natural pest control method.

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